Wednesday, December 18, 2013

SmartPhone Flexible Display Panel for iPhone 가변형 디스플레이 스마트폰 by SmartSound Case Inc.

Important: This is only a concept design and not intended for sale.
We are looking for companies who are interested in collaborating with us on projects like these.

This is only a concept demo of the flexible smart-phone display as we are still in the ideation phase. The screen is flexible and can popped open with a single touch. When closed, it will go back to its original state.
The screen(When opened) will be supported by a spring panel support that we are still coming up with designs for.

We are playing with the idea of how screen curvature can be incorporated into various design types. In this case, we are addressing issues of ergonomics.

The curvature of the screen addresses issues dealing with length of reach by the thumb by shortening the distance from the top of the smartphone screen to the bottom.
We feel that it is important for users to be able to customize the feel and flexibility of their phones.

-we’d like any comments to what we can do to improve our design.

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