Thursday, July 24, 2014

Lockable Water Valve with pad lock holes
• Protect the unauthorized use of the apparatus by others.
• Capable of using any pad lock key or combination lock the user prefers.
• Simple and works off the basis of common water-valves and is pretty inexpensive.
• Prevent the damage of valve controller by unauthorized users who try to open the water valve with their own tools (i.e. pliers/wrenches) that could cause abrasion to the part.

Advantages of this invention is:
Convenience, simplicity, and affordability when it comes to protecting the water valve locking way to protect water from the unauthorized user.  This is issue is stressed due to the fact that we must conserve water by using secure systems as well as prevent homeowners from paying the high cost of unexpected bills if their water is redirected/misused by unauthorized users. The lock system is simple and can be used with any pad key pad or combination lock. With this method, users can save money and have a peace of mind when it comes to water security.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Lockable Water Valve with Pad Lock Holes, filed patent by Ken Oh Corporation

  • Simple and inexpensive way for locking outdoor water valve to prevent unauthorized user. 
  • Can use any pad lock key or combination lock according to the user’s preference for locking the device. 
  • Prevent the damage of the water valve from unauthorized user who try to open the water valve with their own tools that could damage the part. 
  • When the pad lock key is lost or cannot remember the combination number, simply remove it and replace with other pad lock.


Thursday, July 3, 2014

Smartphone's camera lens cover with case that protects from dust and scratches -

The camera lens cover protects the glass from dust and scratches.
   It is securely fastened onto the cover and  stays in place.
   The detachable lens cover can be connected to the earphone port or to a keychain/strap that is already on your phone. This will keep the lens cover secured to the phone when the camera app is in use.
 Of course, along with the lens covers main function, the lens cover is an accessory for those who want to personalize their phones.
Patent Issued: US 8764319

Solar Powered external battery source with built in car/wall outlet charging ports -

Solar Powered external battery source with built in car/wall outlet charging ports.
   By adding a solar-powered charging panel on the side of the device, users can have peace of mind when in a situation where no other power source is available to charge devices, such as hiking or going to any location without a direct power outlet.
   This design comes with the user in mind. Whether hiking and mountain climbing or simply driving long distances without a charger port, the solar powered battery charger is a handy kit for anyone in situation where no electricity is available for extended periods of time.
   By using solar charging method, the main portable charger constantly charges during the day which can be very useful for occasions where the user either forgets to charge or has a device that needs to be charged in the immediate moment.
   Portable solar-powered battery charger for mobile devices

With adjustable wall/car outlet charging components.
You can plug in the portable charger to your vehicle.
Or plug it into an outlet at home.
Solar charging also powers the charger

Also has a USB port feature
And a light-up meter for how much power is remaining.