Sunday, December 9, 2012


SmartSound Case Incorporation is a company that strives to benefit the lives of people by using innovative ideas and design to provide people with products they will enjoy. We strive to grow and advance in order to continue designing and inventing ways to create exciting new products.
Our company emphasizes utility and we believe that the more functions a product provides, the better it will serve to the daily lives of its users. We are proud to introduce SmartSound Smartphone case. We have combined elements of design with functionality in order to create a Smartphone case that not only acts as a shield, but also as a sound amplifying device that improves the sound quality with a fast and easily deployable kickstand.
We are excited to expand our horizons and hope to come up with new ways to improve and invent products for the future.


Q?Tell us about your company. What’s your main line of business?
SmartSound Case Inc.  is a company that strives to marry innovative ideas and design with practicality. Our products will provide you with product solutions you can enjoy and live with everyday. We specialize in designing and manufacturing the smartphone cases and related products, flexible wearable gears and devices, and other innovative ideas that will constantly surprise in our evolution!
Q?What is the strengths of the SmartSound Case?
a. Convenience and practicality: Built-in kickstand which passively amplifies sound that is a breeze to operate and carry.
b. Safety: Using SmartSound Case to amplify the voice calls on speaker phone while driving will enhance the safety of driver and decrease the exposure from electromagnetic waves.
c. Green energy: Clearer and louder sound from the amplified case without wasting any electricity or un-biodegradable batteries which are extremely harmful to the environment. We care about our Earth.
Q?Where do you design and manufacture your product?
SmartSound Case is designed from start to finish by SmartSound Case Inc., located in Los Angeles, California, and manufactured in South Korea by Shinwon Solutec, a company with many years of experience manufacturing parts for numerous brands of smartphones.
Q?What distinguishes your product(s) from the competition?
The SmartSound Case is the only smartphone case in the market which features a kickstand that flips out this instantaneously without sacrificing durability. When not in use, the kickstand folds into the shell, maintaining an unbelievably svelte and attractive form factor. Not only is it incredibly functional and useful, it is more lightweight and portable than even the cases that don’t have such functions! But the best part is that this kickstand acts as the world’s most fun ‘megaphone,’ amplifying the sound out of your smartphone without any batteries or electricity. You can flip out the SmartSound Case’s kickstand, prop up the smartphone on the table and watch a YouTube video or listen to your mp3 song with the sound that will amaze and delight your friends and family. No other smartphone case can claim to be a party-starter such as the SmartSound Case!
Q?Compare the position of your products and their technology against the current market.
SmartSound Case is patented in the U.S. and worldwide patents are currently pending. Our patents were processed almost instantaneously, testifying to the ingenuity of the SmartSound Case’s concept and design.
Q?What is the cost of your product?
Suggested retail price of the SmartSound Case


2013 CES Innovations Design and Engineering Award.2013 CES Las Vegas Booth Space Location:Venetian Lvl 3-75102 (EP-11)
Ken Oh Corporation’s SmartSound Case was selected as an Innovations 2013 Design and Engineering Awards HONOREE in the Wireless Handset Accessories product category. This means that your product received an overall score significantly above average, and it joins a small percentage of other products that are given this honor. Congratulations on your accomplishment!
-CES, The Innovations Awards Team-
SmartSound Case appeared in CES Unveiled in New York and on the air … “Into Tomorrow”!
Into Tomorrow is the ONLY national show covering the latest in Consumer Electronics exclusively for 17 years now ..
“Into Tomorrow with Dave Graveline” – on the air since 1996 – is a 3-hour radio program (as well as many ITTV Video Reports) covering the Latest in Consumer Electronics & Technology available today and … into tomorrow. The show airs on over 180 AM & FM radio stations around the U.S. and a plethora of other sources!

Dave and the team were recently in New York City broadcasting from the CES Unveiled Press Preview event. Get a small glimpse at gifts for the holidays and gadgets you might hear about from the 2013 International CES in Las Vegas.
Some of the guests included:
  • Gary Shapiro, President & CEO – CEA
  • Fabrice Boutain, CEO – HAPILABS
  • Jonathan Page, Founder & CEO – Coyote Case
  • Mark Richards, Founder & CEO – Hive Labs
  • Vivek Khemka, VP of Product Management – DISH
  • Jonathan Wegner, Communications Director – LifeProof
  • Lori Chiazzo, PR Specialist – Panasonic
  • Lyndon Park, Head of PR – Ken Oh Corporation
  • Ranndy Kellogg, VP, Marketing & Product Development – Omron Healthcare
  • Brandon Brown, Product Specialist – LG
“Reviews forthcoming”




Here’s a special case study (pun intended!) – the SmartSound Case. What’s so special about just another smartphone case? Well, our patented design is so revolutionary that the SmartSound Case was awarded the prestigious 2013 CES Innovations Design and Engineering Award. SmartSound Case is the first ever smartphone case that provides passive amplification of the sound from the phone’s speakers without any need for an external power source.
Often, you find yourself in situations where the loudest setting on your smartphone is not loud enough due to ambient noise, source material volume limit, or both. This is where the SmartSound Case shines –open up the kickstand and the sound is instantly amplified by the stand which acts like a horn speaker.
This built-in kickstand may be the quickest unfolding yet durable smartphone kickstand in existence – a perfect complement for using Skype and FaceTime, or watching videos on Netflix or YouTube… all the while you enjoy the sound naturally amplified by the SmartSound Case’s ingenious design!
Best of all, no need to sacrifice an ounce of portability for these heavy-duty features. The SmartSound Case is crafted out of durable injection-molded PC which makes it strong yet very lightweight. Its industrial design is sleek in ergonomics and purposefully sculpted, keeping all ports and buttons easily accessible. The texture of the matte surface of the case is satisfyingly smooth to the touch while providing a solid grip.
Smart design? The SmartSound Case:
• • • • •
  • Amplifies and improves the sound of the phone’s built-in speaker.
  • Built-in kickstand unfolds quickly for horizontal viewing.
  • Enables hand-free mobile phone use with amplified sound.
  • No battery or electricity required – 100% environmentally green Protective hard-shell case and convenient strap hole.
Unique Additional Features:
  • Camera Flash Reflector – maximizes the brightness of the flash when taking pictures or used with a flashlight app (patent pending).
  • Detachable Camera Lens Cover (imprinted with animal characters) – protects from fingerprints, scratches and dust (patent pending).
Our product, SmartSound Case can be customized for major smartphone brands, including:
Apple, Samsung, Nokia, Google, HTC, LG, Motorola, and many more
** Please come check us out at the 2013 CES Las Vegas, January 8 – January 11. We are at theVenetian Hotel, Llv 3-75102(EP-11)