Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Innovative LED Light Bar with built in Cover for muti-function is coming to SEMA 2017

I would like to share innovative, LED light bar (patent) that we are bringing to this SEMA 2017 show (booth:  AAPEX 10923).

It is a multi-purpose and functional LED light bar.
The cover is installed with flood light consumes low wattage with adjustable angle for work and leisure.
The Bottom LED light comes, just like any other LED light bar, with high wattage spot lighting for off-road activities.
The cover is easily held open or closed and it it will protect from sun, dust or scratches.  On the cover, the logo of your own can be added.  The aerodynamic shape design of cover will reduce the wind noise sound when driven in high speed.  The color can be applied in different choice of colors (black, white, army or others).   
We are able to apply motor controlled open/close cover as well.  
You can check the sample at booth, AAPEX 10923.  

Ken Oh Corp.
Teehon Auto LED