Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Innovative LED Light Bar with built in Cover for muti-function is coming to SEMA 2017

I would like to share innovative, LED light bar (patent) that we are bringing to this SEMA 2017 show (booth:  AAPEX 10923).

It is a multi-purpose and functional LED light bar.
The cover is installed with flood light consumes low wattage with adjustable angle for work and leisure.
The Bottom LED light comes, just like any other LED light bar, with high wattage spot lighting for off-road activities.
The cover is easily held open or closed and it it will protect from sun, dust or scratches.  On the cover, the logo of your own can be added.  The aerodynamic shape design of cover will reduce the wind noise sound when driven in high speed.  The color can be applied in different choice of colors (black, white, army or others).   
We are able to apply motor controlled open/close cover as well.  
You can check the sample at booth, AAPEX 10923.  

Ken Oh Corp.
Teehon Auto LED

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Innovative Offroad LED Light Bar with Cover, built in LED flood on cover for saving energy, legally drive on local or highway

It is required by law that a vehicle's Light Bar must be covered at all times when driving Local or on Highways, even when the light switch is turned off. (DOT & SAE Regulation & VC 24411 and others)
The cover can be easily covered and uncovered by handle friction knob. 
On the inside of the top cover LED light bar, the low wattage(energy saving) flood light is installed. This can be used for activities like camping and work and near work-areas. Also, the flood light's angle can be adjusted to the desired location by the beam's direction. Optionally, turning on only the floodlight also greatly reduces eye-strain and is not as blinding.
The mainly used normal bottom LED spot light can be used for hunting or off-road use.  
By providing the cover with a more aerodynamic shape, the LED Light Bar Cover also protects the face of light bar against scratches and other damages, dust, dirt and heat. Most common LED light bars on the market, regardless of price, cannot put any design or logo on face of the LED light bar. On this cover, manufacturers and/or buyers can put any favorite logo or decals on its outer cover space. The cover can be shaped and designed into curved shape light bar as well.  
Just trucks sold in 2016 in US, from January to September, more than 1,350,000 trucks(Ford, GM, Ram) were sold. And that is excluding other vehicles and companies like Jeep, Toyota, Nissan, Honda, and SUVs and others. When all these are combined, the number of vehicles sold will be too large to count. When all these vehicle owners know that there is light bar that is not just for off-road usage but can be used in daily activities and that can be legally and safely drive on local or highway, the demand of users can be huge and countless.
We have applied patents with 3D designs. In addition we have working models of 3D printed product in various sizes.
We would like to colloborate with companies that are interested. Your suggestions or comments would help us out tremendously.