Monday, June 16, 2014

Attachable & Detachable Mobile Device (Smartphone) with Battery Supply to SmartWatch

 Smartwatches are becoming very popular but when it comes to selecting the best smartwatches,  consumers cannot not ignore these two important facts.  “Design and battery life.” 
As for design, rather than increasing the display size of smartwatch(which may look bulky and unattractive), our idea is make the best of the original size and design. If you feel the need for a bigger screen, it can instantly be mounted with a bigger display monitor(smartphone)  on top of the smartwatch.  It can be instantly fastened on the top of the smartwatch by rotating the smartphone(Monitor), to watch the display in either landscape or portrait view.   It can be easily detached by pressing release button from the smartphone(monitor) to release the apparatus from the watch.   
For extending the battery power of smartwatch, one can simply attach the smartphone(monitor) on top of the smartwatch and through the power signal connection, the smartphone will charge the smartwatch and provide extra power sources it might need.    
These are some of the great benefits for when our concept idea is applied on the smartwatch and monitor(smartphone):     
When smartphone(monitor) is attached on the smartwatch: 
l  The Smartphone can be easily be fastened on top of smartwatch  by pressing it down on top of the smartwatch.
l  Can be attached in portrait or landscape according to user’s preference view.
l  No need to carry bulky and extraneous extra wrist holder for phone. 
l  Becomes an easy to use as hands-free mobile device for phone calls, navigation, watching movies, light activities that would have other-wise required using both hands.  
l  No need to worry about losing the smartphone in public places, for it is securely attached on wrist. 
l  Power connection between two devices will provide power that can charge the battery of or transmit data each between other. 
When smartphone(monitor) is detached from smartwatch: 
l  Smartphone(monitor) can be easily detached from smartwatch by pressing the release button from the smartphone(monitor) to release the apparatus from the watch.
l  Each device can be fully used individually to serve its’ own purpose. 

l  Smartwatch display does not necessarily need to be increased for bigger view of screen.  Which means, the makers of smartwatches can create better looking design and size for consumers.

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