Monday, June 16, 2014

Separate retractable earphone lines with fixed earphone jack on the main body

The Problem
·       When using standard earphone retractors, lines still get tangled when lines are released from device. (because both left/right wires come from the same side).
·       Earphone lines will easily get tangled from inside the retractor, when trying to pull out from one side.
·       Retractor device swings and bounces when carrying around. 
The Solution
·       By providing separate (duo-retractors) attached together in one body, the earphone line will not get tangled inside the device when pulled out.
·       Separate earphone buds would look like ears(for customizable animal/character shapes) when the earphone lines are fully retracted(fun to watch). Animal or character shape can be added to the main body of retractor with ear buds as “ears” of an animal.  
·       When commuting (Via Cycling/Walking), you can simply extend a single ear-bud (tangle free!) for transportation safety for cautionary auditory alertness.  

·       By fixing the audio jack to the main body of the retractor, the aperture will prevent swinging and bouncing of the retractable device while being carried.   

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