Thursday, July 24, 2014

Lockable Water Valve with pad lock holes
• Protect the unauthorized use of the apparatus by others.
• Capable of using any pad lock key or combination lock the user prefers.
• Simple and works off the basis of common water-valves and is pretty inexpensive.
• Prevent the damage of valve controller by unauthorized users who try to open the water valve with their own tools (i.e. pliers/wrenches) that could cause abrasion to the part.

Advantages of this invention is:
Convenience, simplicity, and affordability when it comes to protecting the water valve locking way to protect water from the unauthorized user.  This is issue is stressed due to the fact that we must conserve water by using secure systems as well as prevent homeowners from paying the high cost of unexpected bills if their water is redirected/misused by unauthorized users. The lock system is simple and can be used with any pad key pad or combination lock. With this method, users can save money and have a peace of mind when it comes to water security.

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