Monday, January 12, 2015

Flip Cover with LED Off-Road Light Bar

For most state in U.S., it is illegal to drive without the light bar covered on local or highway.  (DOT & SAE regulation & VC 24411).   Users need hassle free and convenient way to close or open the light bar cover

Our Smart Off-Road LED Light Bar Cover has great advantages. 
  • ·       Easy to open and close of the light bar cover within the vehicle
  • ·       Easy access provides security against accidently blinding other drivers.
  • ·       The Reflector strip installed inside cover aids in producing a stronger/brighter light without extra wattage expenditure.
  • ·       Customizable to the user’s preference of logos on the light bar cover. 
  • ·       Aerodynamic design of the cover for less resistance of air in high speed. 
  • ·       Optional hook for added holding strength of cover (recommended for off-road driving)
  • ·       Cargo space save for inside car by cover being attached to the light-bar 
  • ·       This non-obstructive cover increases safety by reducing risk of mounting failure/weak coverage. 
  • ·       This cover will protect the light-bar from damages including scratches, dust and prolonged heat exposure. 

We are looking for manufacture or companies who are interested in collaborating with us for mass production. Light bar cover can be designed in aerodynamic shape for less resistant to air and for nice slim look. Covers come with many different aerodynamic shapes -patent pending- 

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