Monday, November 18, 2013

Flexible Display SmartPhone for Samsung Galaxy S, 가변형 디스플레이 스마트폰, Cotrolled with a Thumb

This is the concept demo of flexible screen smarphone.
Flexible display of the Smartphone can be viewed in flat screen or curved angled view.
There are support bars in between the bottom of the display and the body of Smartphone to prevent bouncing when touching the opened flat screen.

For Apple iPhone, one hand operation is clearly at the heart of their design philosophy and this is one of the main reasons why a lot of people consider buying an iPhone.   By just using a thumb, it is possible to navigate, type message and send email. But for those who with small hands, as thumb being a shortest among fingers, will experience some difficulty to reach top right or left corner of the screen.

   Furthermore, the flex curved Smartphone released in the market have some disadvantage.  They are not flexible but mostly rigid.  When a user hold the flex curved phone in one hand and press the outer edge screen with a thumb, the whole phone will tilt toward the pressure point which feels insecure in grip.  

   Now, this innovative idea and design will help the users to use their Smartphone more effectively.  When the top component of the flexible screen is released, the screen will be slightly rolled or curved toward the lower part of the phone that the user can easily reach top portion of the screen area with one's thumb since curved screen shorten the distance between top screen and thumb.  After using flexible curved screen, with the one touch, the screen will return to its' original flat position.  

   Without sacrificing the shape of the main body of Smartphone, the flat body is easier to carry around, provide secure grip in one's hand and secure to place on flat surface.  Either in the palm of one's hand or on any flat surface, this method will improve the ease of using flexible Smartphone.  And furthermore, this flexible screen method will be beneficial for even bigger screen size Smartphones.

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