Thursday, November 7, 2013

Individual coffee mix pack with separate coffee, sugar and cream pouches

Patent Pending & Design Patent Pending

There are numerous wide range of instant coffee mix packs are sold in the market to provide portable, fast and easy way to make a cup of coffee to the customers.  But since each coffee pack is all combined with mixture of coffee, sugar and cream in one pouch, it is not easy to separate it into each ingredient as they wish to choose.  Not only that, it will be more difficulty to control the amount of each ingredient they choose to pour it into a cup.  And for health watchers who would like to select or limit the amount of certain ingredients for coffee making would either hesitate to use it or completely avoid using it.      
And even more, when these mixed ingredients are kept in warmer condition for certain period of time, those mixtures can sometimes melt and dissolve into clump that will steal its' freshness and taste.       

          The fresheness of instant coffee mix pack and the selction according to desired ingredients and amount can can be met by designing divided sealed block pouches for each different ingredients on a single pack.  Each ingredient will be kept and sealed in each different pouches for freshness and for easy controlling amount as they pout it in.  

         Furthermore, each ingredient amount can even be closely controlled as one pour it into a cup.  Since each ingredient is kept in separate pouch, it will prevent clumping and will keep its’ freshness longer and will provide better taste.  Each pouch has a small cutting line for easy cutting and pouring desired amounts.   On the side of the coffee mix pack, there is another narrow pouch prepared for stir stick.  (And just for a reminder, it is not safe to use plastic coffee pouch to stir in hot cofee mix which releases unwanted chemicals.) 
Thus, by providing consumers to choose healthier way to drink and by giving them more options to choose among ingredients, I believe it will boost their confidence in purchasing related products.  

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