Tuesday, November 5, 2013

SmartSound Case featured on GizWiz Coverage 음량증폭 소리 사운드 핸드폰 스마트폰 케이스

SmartSound Case is the first smartphone case that provides passive amplification of the sound from the phone’s speakers without a need for an external power source. (No power is required from your phone either.) When you open up the kickstand, the sound is instantly amplified by the stand which acts like a horn speaker. TheSmartSound Case is crafted out of durable injection-molded PC, which makes it strong and lightweight. It’s crafted to keeping all ports and buttons of your device easily accessible. The texture of the matte surface of the case is smooth to the touch while providing a solid grip. The case I showed on the air isn’t the final design, which will be along in February or March. I (and a couple of others I did a demo for) found that in the open position, the sound is improved by perhaps 10 or 15%. So it’s not a knock out improvement, but you can hear the difference. Perhaps the final design will improve it even more. SmartSound Case is certainly worth considering when you consider you’re getting a protective case, a stand f or your phone and the horn speaker all for under $40. (As of this writing, 1/21/13) They’ve even put a reflector in the case to make your phone’s flash a little more potent. Cases are phone specific. I have the one for Samsung Galaxy 3. More info at what’s available is at the company website.

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